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112 x Linux - Waystar MT65- Refurbished Phablet

112 x Android Phablets (Mobile Phones / Tablets )

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More information about this p112 x Linux - Waystar MT65, Refurbished Phablet can be found below.

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**JOB LOT** of 112 x Android Phablets (Mobile Phones / Tablets) and only 76 x Li-ion Batteries for these Android Phablets


KERNEL: Linux version 3.4.67 (root@android) 7'' Visible Screen
Android Version 4.4.2
8GB Storage
Built in Telephone
Hight Definition Front & Rear Camera
Video Recording
Battery Technology: Li-ion

I have spent four painstaking days testing, data wiping and cleaning these phablets, they had come from a working environment but unfortunately all of the ones in this auction have a damaged screen, some are much worse than others and some only have minor damage. The back of the phablets all appear to be absolutely fine.

I have powered up each of them and wiped all data via the factory reset in the settings, so as I have been able to do this without any issues, this would say to me that the touch part of the screens must be ok.

I have tested the wifi on many of them (as I kept forgetting) and there was no problem connecting to the internet and sufing web pages. I have not tested the bluetooth, but happy to do so on a selected few if needed.

I only have 76 batteries for the 112 phablets, all of the batteries have not been tested as I have not had the time, when I have come across a working few I have just continued to use these for testing purposes.

I think the model number for each is 719v92_gq3015.

I have been as honest as I can regarding these Android Phablets but they are being sold as spares / repairs / for parts / not working so that is how you will be buying them (even though they all appear to work as intended)

No charges are included but these android phablets take the standard micro USB charging cable


112 x Linux - Waystar MT65 Phablet | Phablet | Refirbished | 112 x Linux - Waystar MT65 | 112 x Android Phablets (Mobile Phones / Tablets ) | 112 x Linux - Waystar MT65 Phablet

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